Tips To Store Basketball Hoops

You may think that basketball courts are set and fixed when you are watching a basketball game. While this may be true in some cases, there are many other options if space is an issue. There are many options for basketball rings or hoops that will help you save space.

The first option is a wall-mounted unit. These units can be attached to the wall or side of a house. Wall-mounted units are made up of a backboard, ground pole, and rim. This is the reason they don't require any additional space.

The next option for easy-to-store basketball hoops is a portable basketball hoop. You can easily move portable hoops as per your needs. They are made up of a base and pole as well as a rim and backboard. You can fill it with water or sand to keep the system stable.

A foldable system is another option. This system is ideal for gyms that have multiple uses, such as sports and gatherings. To move the basketball goal closer towards the wall, it can be folded to either the left or right. To fold it, you don't need any special tools or a ladder. You can fold it easily by anyone.

A retractable system is another option for easy storage. These systems include a backboard, a rim, and a net. The system is attached to a wall or ceiling and has a motor that retracts the system when necessary.