Two Good Reasons To Get An Automatic Watch Winder

In recent times, automatic watches also referred to as self-winding watches or kinetic watches, have experienced a surge in popularity.

Automated watches only self-wind when used, but this has led to the growth of watches with winders to keep watches in good condition. Continue reading to know more about why you should buy an automatic watch winder box (In the Norwegian language "watch winder box").

watch winder etui

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Keeps Your Watch Wound Up

The most obvious reason to use watches winders would be to keep your watch's automatic mechanism running even when you're inactive. This is especially beneficial when you have watches that don't frequently enough to keep running due to the motion that your wrist makes.

If you're not wearing the watch, it's not being wound, and it will stop working after a certain amount of time. If the watch stops running after a couple of days, perhaps even hours or days in certain cases, you do not only need to reset the time but also any perpetual dates and phases when you next wear the watch.

Securely stores your watches

Watch winders help keep your watches safely stored. Self-winding watches are expensive and are a significant investment that must be secured. It is not necessary to keep your costly watches in the elements, where they could be accidentally dropped or lost, or damaged in any way.

Watch winder boxes make an excellent storage device to protect your precious watches from damage or loss as well as against the impact of sunlight, dust, and other particles in the air.