How To Tackle The Problem Of Thumb Sucking

Show compassion

First things first, punishing your child for sucking his thumb will not encourage them to stop. You are only hurting children by punishing them for habits they feel safe in. 

As they get older, children tend to find other calming methods that don't involve thumb sucking. You can also buy the best thumb sucking device which works gracefully for your child through various online sources.

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Pay attention

As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is pay attention to when they are doing it and where you are at when they do. Tired children can use thumb sucking or when they are irritated. 

Children who are restless, troubled, or disturbed usually suck their thumbs to calm themselves. Once you understand what triggers the action, you can offer your kid an alternative to thumb sucking before they get to the point where they require you to put their thumb in their mouths.

Introduce alternatives

You can also choose to introduce alternatives. This tactic is somewhat controversial as some experts will say that covering your child's thumb is cruel while others say that there is nothing wrong with breaking the positive impression of thumb sucking with contempt.

What should you use? By being aware of the behavior before it occurs, you can offer your child a favorite toy or blanket so they can calm down before they get to their thumb.

In general, thumb sucking can be hindered if you are consistent with your interference. Remember to praise your child when they succeed in quitting thumb sucking.