Unpacking GMCs Revolutionary MultiPro Tailgate

Consider this as a tailgate within a tailgate. By this, we mean that there’s a second internal tailgate half the length of the primary tailgate with a hinge working almost the full width. This will add another fold that will help the tailgate swing when you need it, like when loading. You can also know more about GMC multipro tailgate through various online sources.

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Inside is another panel that can be raised when the tailgate is lowered. This creates a load stop to prevent longer objects from falling. Then you can use those extra panels and hinges to shape the tailgate into another shape. Here are the six roles that GMC claims:

-Internal tailgate and load stop panel mutually fold into a step so you can escalate into the bed.

-The inner tailgate folds back when the door is lowered so you can stand closer to the bed.

-When the tailgate is lowered, raising the load limiter creates a barrier to hold the load longer in place.

-Create a second level by folding the inner tailgate and lifting the inner load limiter. (This can be great for stairs.)

-Simply flip the tailgate inside to create a useful work surface. (Or reverse rope!)

That's five. If you're wondering about the sixth, it works just like a regular tailgate! An especially nice touch is that it is activated and operated via a key ring, much like the liftgate on nicer SUVs.