Everything to Know About Skin Tightening Treatment

Nonsurgical skin tightening is a cosmetic treatment that can improve the appearance of your stomach and face. These procedures are much less invasive than traditional surgical options like facelifts or stomach tucks. Some people claim that they can achieve similar results. It's also less risky, and more affordable, and the recovery process is easy.

Your skin is rich in proteins, including collagen and elastin, when you are born. These proteins are essential for skin structure and elasticity. Your body's ability to produce these proteins decreases as you get older. Your skin begins to lose its elasticity as a result. Nonsurgical skin tightening procedures target areas of your skin where collagen has been stimulated underneath. This treatment can be done by booking an appointment with a specialist in skincare at dermisclinics.co.uk/price-guide/.

In-office skin tightening

Radiofrequency (Thermalift and Thermage), Exilis

Thermalift was the very first technology to "wake up" collagen or restore it. Thermalift uses radio waves to control the tightening of the skin. No anesthesia is needed and the procedure can be done without any or all of it.

While thermage treatment can be done in one session, some people find it beneficial to have multiple sessions. For radiofrequency treatments to be effective, you will need multiple sessions. Results are not immediately noticeable and can take up to 4 months for full effect.