Common Brake Service Issues

Every driver knows the importance of brakes working properly, not many motorists are aware of the common problems that require servicing or repair. By understanding these common issues, you can quickly diagnose the need for mechanical attention on your vehicle and save money by not having to visit the garage.

Wear and tear:

The most frequent reason for braking assistance is that brakes create friction and they need constant care. This is because the components push against each other to slow down the vehicle. The friction causes the components to wear out, resulting in noises, pulling and vibrations as the brakes are applied. Some components require additional maintenance and servicing. These components include:

  • Brake pads: Always replace them in pairs. Even if the problem is only on one side, it is a sign that both brake pads are wearing out and should be replaced together.

  • Drums: These components can be replaced in pairs. If the wear is minimal, professional services may be able to "turn" the parts.

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Keep the fluid levels in the master cylinder, brake lines and brake lines at an optimal level. Low levels can cause the vehicle to take longer to stop, and brakes may feel too "spongy", too hard or too firm. The vehicle owner can easily check the level of brake fluid. The reservoir for brake fluid is located at the rear of your engine compartment. 

Part failure:

Other mechanical and hydraulic parts can also fail and require replacement. The master cylinder is one of the most important. This component regulates and distributes the brake fluid. This component is responsible for regulating and distributing brake fluid. If it fails, the brake system will not function properly.