How to Catch a Scrabble Cheat

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable when playing with friends online or in person. This article will discuss some signs that someone cheats at word games. You can also find different words for your game through

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Cheaters are easier to spot when you're playing against them in person. An opponent might try to cheat at Scrabble by doing small things that may go unnoticed. The first is trying to find better tiles for yourself. 

Some players can sneak a peek at the tiles in the bag. Most tournaments require that everyone take the tiles out of the bag when they are above their eye level. To be certain, they ask that anyone not look at it. You might suspect your opponent of cheating if they are taking tiles from the bag while it's still on their lap or sneaking a peek.

Some players can "brailling" the tiles very well, which means they can feel the letter on each tile with their fingers. You can label your opponent a Scrabble cheat if they spend a lot of time looking through the bag. 

Another way to cheat is to steal more tiles from the bag than you are supposed to and then hide them so they can make a high-point word. If your opponent is especially sneaky, this is a difficult way to detect.

An online tool that creates words from tiles on the rack of a player is one way to cheat Scrabble. This method of cheating can also be done with handheld electronic tools.  You may find it easier to enjoy the game without worrying about cheating.