Why You Should Consider A Round Rug When Decorating Your Room In Melbourne

Of course, the rooms in your house are rectangular or square, and on the surface, it makes sense to have carpets in the same shape. You can give a small room the appearance of a larger dimension with round-shaped rugs. 

The room looks bigger when the corner shows the floor below. This creates a view with more content and dimension without the clutter. You can buy round rugs in Melbourne to enhance the beauty of your room.

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In a closed entryway or lobby, a round rug can invite visitors to another part of your home. The entrance looks bigger than it actually is, and the rounded size of the rug adds warmth and interest to this central spot.

The bathroom is almost always a small room. There's enough room for just one rug, so consider a round rug to step on. Your feet will feel comfortable when you get out of the bath or shower. 

Because of its round shape, the rug will cover the area of the bathroom you want to make up. In addition, the bathroom looks bigger.

The nursery is the perfect place for a round rug. Children's rooms are often the smallest bedrooms in the home, so a round rug gives the room a more visible size. This gives the room a safe and colorful place for the little ones to play.