Fan Coils and Blower Coils Engineering Guide

The fan coil is an AC type designed to supply air-conditioned air to a room or area. The main components that form fan coil unit with finned tube Heat exchanger, fan and filter parts. Fan creates forced cross convection Circulating or heat exchanger heat or cold water to provide AC with The place. 

The individual zone thermostat is connected to Unilux CRFC retrofit fan coil speed control and hydraulic control to keep space Temperature. Well thought out fan coil this device has low air and water pressure fall through the coil to reduce the fan and pump power requirement to efficient fan and motor installation for quiet Operation.

Also equipped fan coil There must be a drip tray with a cooling coil installed independently to collect condensate whether the intake air is pre-conditioned or not. The fan coil is located in or near-free air-conditioned rooms Air supply in the area or with minimal channel operation. The device normally works with a ventilation device where the coil is located behind the fan. Most fan coils come with a direct drive fan/motor


Most manufacturers certify their fan coil units Cooling efficiency modules for air conditioning, heating and cooling AHRI Institute Standards Standard 440- 2008: Estimated performance for indoor fans winding. The purpose of the standard is classification, provide test requirements, and minimum data requirements for published estimates for the supply of fan coil units up to 1500cfm.