How To Compare Removal Quotes

Many companies quote fixed rates where they have to set up a comfort zone for a possible event or have exceptions for all of these situations and add those fees at the end of the course. These are often hidden costs that were not clear at the time of quoting. You can find removal quotes in Melbourne via

Too often we come across companies that promise to work for half of what we've stated and we can only think that this is because they cut out all the extras and only do the minimal.

Salary – Paying the minimum wage will lower your costs, but it is not the best way to attract and retain good staff. We believe in paying good salaries to our employees and therefore have very little turnover. We know our employees will never feel the need to "help" or take jobs to get extra hours of work. They feel valued for their work, which in turn is reflected in our services.

Insurance – In order to work, we are required to take out liability insurance, liability insurance, a fleet of all our vehicles and goods in transit insurance. We do not charge any insurance for our clients, but each of our work is fully insured and offers our clients safety and protection.

Vehicles – We are proud of our fleet and regularly service the vans to ensure no damage occurs. All of our vans are smart and new because there's nothing worse than a smoking old van that shows up to move your valuables. Solar is also a price increase that needs attention.

Time – any job should be calculated according to the time it takes to complete the job correctly and safely. Our offer provides the time to package and protect each piece of furniture, as well as the time it takes to pack the van safely for transport. Of course, you could load the van for an hour if you actually put it on, but it will definitely damage the belongings significantly.