List of Different Types of Fasteners Used In Rail Construction

Rail transportation is one of the most widely used modes of transportation. Railroads need to be constructed with extreme care, considering that all components are designed to work properly. You can also hire railroad construction contractors online through

As this is very important, all parts must be installed correctly. Even if any part is damaged, wear and tear on the rail system increases, resulting in additional costs and risks to life and cargo. Fasteners such as bolts and screws used in railroad construction are very important as they are the basis. 

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Some of them are:

Rail Tip These are usually large spikes designed to have a displaced head. These nails are used to connect the main plate and rails to the track connectors. They are also known as crampons or cut nails.

Bolt Screws: These types of screws include Inconel bearings or class 8 hexagon head screws. These screws are usually very large and are used to attach the connector plate to the rail. They are attached to the track using a hole drill. 

Tooth Bolts: These are also known as rail anchor bolts. They are used by inserting them into the holes of the bed. As the name suggests, they have a gear nut that grips the bottom of the frame, ensuring there is no slack throughout the installation. 

Spring cleats: As the name suggests, they have springs and are also known as elastic cleats. This holds the rail in place and prevents it from tipping over. This is its most important function.