iPhone 5s Battery Replacement Procedures

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5s it also changed the battery that was in previous iPhone models. The battery within the iPhone 5s either has 16GB or 32 GB capacity. The iPhone 5s battery replacement unit may be a 3.7V 1420 mAh Li-Polymer cell battery. Also the iPhone 5s battery replacement may be a bit easier than replacing the batteries on the older versions 3G or 3GS and positively easier than the iPhone 2G.

If you're comfortable with performing on rather small electronic units then you'll order an iPhone 5s battery replacement kit. This replacement kit will include the battery, a plastic case opening tool to get rid of the rear panel which is usually called an iPod opening tool, a Phillips head screwdriver size #00 or as a number of the iPhone 5s have an iPhone 4 5-point screw, called pentalobe screws. To get more information you can search on iPhone 5s battery replacement via https://www.phonerepair.co.uk/repair/apple-iphone-5s/.

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The kit should include an instruction page or offer you a web website that has the replacement instructions in video or picture format. When you replace the battery on the iPhone 5s you'll have to remove the rear panel and also remove the battery. you start by ensuring your iPhone 5s is turned off.

Then you're taking off the rear panel by removing the surface screws near the connector for the dock. Then you push the rear panel to get rid of it . Next you've got to require off the screw connecting the battery connector to the motherboard. you've got to require the battery connector up very carefully so you do not pull or jerk it off. Also remove the antenna contact.

Then you've got to require out the battery using the plastic tab that's sticking up at the side of the battery. Again this has gotta be performed very carefully so you do not damage anything inside the rear of the iPhone. Once you insert your new battery you'll need to reverse this procedure. In fact if you are doing it yourself you void any Apple warranty you'll have.