A luxury LED Flashlight

This rechargeable LED flashlight cell phone that uses a magnetic charging base comes with an 18650 lithium cell phone rated for 2600 mAh, a charging base and a micro USB cable approximately 51 cm long. If you want portable led light at an affordable price then you may search online.

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It is a little shorter than the Striker (diameter of 12.2 cm long is 2.3 cm), it also contains a silicone coated power button that is also used to cycle through the 5 power levels and blink mode .

The modes are chosen in a combination of pressing and holding the power button at its low / medium / high setting. The lowest degree of "moonlight" kicks in within a half a second once the light is turned off, turbo with a double click, using a triple medium to get its flashing strobe. When the battery level is this low, this button turns red when the power is still on.

I noticed some body differences in the single power button and in a shorter span. This version has an orange peel design reflector along with a luminous sealing ring on the top. The clip can be removed and reversed, however there is no hub to attach a strap to your flashlight (you can loop around the entire body, no strap is provided).

The materials are in a higher grade with a thick glass lens cap, dedicated to IPX8, which is one of the best evaluations (immersion in water up to a couple of meters). Since the end is anodized, its warmth is treated ensuring that the black color resists scuffing. It's a tough little flashlight and should offer years of use even in harsher environments.