Lawn Care: Prepping Your Grass For Winter in Vancouver

Winter lawn care involves getting your lawn ready to face the colder weather of Vancouver. This includes pest control. Preparing your yard for winter is key to beautiful yards once spring arrives. It doesn't matter if you live in a cold or moderate climate, these steps will make your grass greener and healthier.

Don't let fall leave your grass with brown, crunchy leaves. A thick layer of leaves can prevent your grass from getting the nutrients and air it needs. It could also cause your grass to suffer a slow death due to its limited air supply. You can even hire a highly trained and experienced team of professionals to take care of your lawn in Vancouver.

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However, some leaves and clippings can be broken down into fertilizer over the winter, giving your yard the nutrients it needs. Proper lawn care requires one more mowing session before you pack your mower away for the season. You should cut the grass slightly shorter than usual as longer grass can trap moisture and cause disease in spring. 

After you have mowed the lawn for the last time, it is time to aerate your soil. This involves using machinery to penetrate the soil and pull out small pieces of dirt. This service is offered by many lawn care companies for a nominal fee. You can also rent equipment at a local home improvement store. After aerating your yard, you can apply grass seed to any bald or sparse areas. 

This will allow your seed to germinate in cooler temperatures. It also helps reduce the amount of weeds that may grow along with it. After your seeds have had a chance to germinate, you can apply slow-releasing fertilizer. Make sure you choose a winterizing fertilizer. This will ensure that your yard has the right nutrients for winter.