Making Use Of LED’s On Your Four Wheel Drive

Recently there was a stage where every well-modified four-wheeler that passed had a set of HID headlights. When they came out, they were very bright, but today, the same thing is happening with LEDs. 

You can get LED light strips that emit more light than you can kill with a stick. While they may not have the full range of HID lamps, they do offer a stunning spread. You can also look for the best led spotlights through various online sites.

Skylite 9W LED Spot Light

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LED light strips range from a few centimeters wide to about 50 centimeters wide. Prices of course reflect this and are still quite expensive at the moment.

It's not just about LED light strips; You can install a small LED work light on the back of your car. They use almost no electricity, are very bright and can withstand vibrations and weather conditions all day long. 

You don't need more than 1 or 2 of them to do a good job. If you want something different, it's time to take a look at LED strip lights.

It is very popular for interior lighting, but also lighting in a tent or the back of your car. You can buy "strips" made of LEDs that are all connected. They can be cut every 6 inches or so so you can make your strips.

Many people use it for outdoor entertainment but you need a way to control it as most are 12V. LED technology has advanced tremendously in recent years and you can now control all-wheel drive without spending a fortune.