Using Facebook Chat Bots A Great Way to Connect With Your Customers

A Facebook Messenger Bot makes business communications easier for you and your team. Facebook Messenger has become the go-to place for many conversations between business people and customers. This makes the ability to create, store and manage these conversations even easier. Facebook Chatbot eliminates the need for staff to dedicate a lot of time to message each other.

A chatbot is a custom artificial intelligence system that will automatically chat for you with your potential customers on your behalf by using pre-programmed answers to commonly asked questions. The chat can be as simple as guiding them to your business page. Or it can be as complex as suggesting that they change their current reservation such as Marriot's Facebook Chatbot does. In either case, the chatbot serves as an efficient customer service representative ready to take your messages to live for your business page.

Businesses have long been seeking ways to improve customer service and many of them have found solutions through chat bots. Chat Bots are now utilized by many businesses such as Sephora. Their chat bot, named Sephora, is a Facebook Messenger Bot designed specifically to help businesses promote their products. Sephora's chatbot was developed by two former Yahoo! employees, Todd Schlomer and Jason Zmigrod.

Many of today's chat Bots are equipped with advanced tools such as graphics, images, and video. These tools make interacting with chat Bots much easier than what we've seen in the past. For example, Sephora's chat Bots can scan a website, extract key information, and suggest ideas based on that site's content. This saves time because instead of having to read a long sales letter, the bot can actually engage in a conversation.

Some of the most popular Facebook chat Bots include Newton, Grepe, and Frye. Newton is a bot that offers customers a "Newton on the Spot" experience by suggesting answers to commonly asked questions. When the bot receives a response it notifies you via a welcome message. If the user responds he/she may be provided another answer or have the opportunity to ask another question. A helpful aspect of Newton is that it has a "Help" button located on its welcome message.

One of the most useful Facebook chat bots is Grepe. This bot helps with sales and product inquiries by providing a "checkout quick" feature. It displays an image while asking a question and then provides the appropriate suggestions. The helpfulness of this bot is enhanced by the addition of several FAQs. If the user still has trouble finding an answer, Grepe's FAQs offers a list of frequently asked questions and suggests ways to search for answers

Frye is another bot that helps with customer experience inquiries. Its name is very fitting as this bot is designed to provide assistance with problems that customers find when using Facebook. The features most beneficial to this Bot are its ability to connect with Facebook groups and blogs. It also allows users to connect with other Facebook users through their "friends" or networks. For example, if one user finds a problem relating to a specific brand, the bot will search through all of the groups and blogs associated with that brand. It may locate a customer service advisor on the group or blog and ask for assistance.

In conclusion, the Facebook Chatbot is a great way to streamline conversations going on between Facebook users. This bot will aid the customer in many of the common tasks that will allow you to be more productive. These chat bots, along with the other applications available, will assist you in creating a better customer experience. With this information, you should have a better understanding of how chatbots can assist your business. These programs are easy to use and will make interacting with your Facebook friends easy and fun.