Tips To Find An Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider

To locate one air duct cleaning company the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) through which you can locate competent HVAC technicians. 

Since air duct cleaning is a relatively new business, customers should be aware of providers that promise to provide the benefits of duct cleaning. One can get more insights about duct board insulation via

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The company should have experience working with the HVAC system. They should also possess an additional license if it is required in your state. They must meet NADCA standards. The most important thing to do is review the company's testimonials and read what customers had to say about the company. 

As per the EPA, you can expect to receive the following from a trustworthy service:

  • The service provider should allow ports and access doors to allow the whole system to be examined and cleaned.

  • Before starting any project, the contractor must ensure that there is no asbestos-containing material in the cooling and heating systems.

  • The ductwork must be secured. This means sealing and re-sealing access holes which are made by the company providing the service.

  • Particles and dirt must be removed using a controlled brushing and clean-up with a vacuum.

The EPA has prepared a thorough and simple post-cleaning checklist for consumers. After the cleaning, look through the checklist either by yourself or with the service provider.