Are Dental Implants Safe?

There is a possibility that you are considering dental implant surgery and want to know "are dental implants secure"? While the procedure has been proven to be extremely reliable with results in the range of nine percent, the issue of whether implants are safe for use can be investigated in greater depth. 

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What are the materials that implants are made of and how do they function within our mouths once they have been placed into jaw bone?

The majority of implants used in dentistry nowadays are constructed of titanium that is commercially pure or titanium alloys. Zirconia varieties are also available but their usage in dentistry is not as common. Why do dental implants are used?

Implants for dental use serve to substitute damaged or missing natural teeth. Implants replace the natural tooth root and can help with support, crowns, bridges, or even stabilize dentures that are removable. 

The benefit of using dental implants is when done, the new teeth appear and feel like natural teeth. The actual procedure is performed under local anesthetic, or IV sedated (for nervous patients). The implant is left on the bone for 6 to 8 months as healing occurs. 

The fusion of bone tissue and titanium is referred to as osseointegration. New teeth can be created custom and shaded to look good to the individual's preferences and dental demands.

Contrary to bridges and crowns dental implants are not damaging to adjacent teeth when they are used in the making of bridges. Implants also stop further loss of bone when natural teeth are lost. 

If they are maintained properly, implants are able to last up to 15 years.