How Decorative Concrete Finishes Can Improve Residential Homes

The decorative concrete finish can be a great addition to any home. In addition to making the floor appear attractive and attractive, but it's also easier to maintain and cheaper than other landscaping materials like pavers and asphalts. For those contemplating a renovation of their home decorative concretes are a great option to make pathways, patios, and even the sides of pools look gorgeous and contemporary without the additional expense.

If you are considering using decorative concrete in Gold Coast, be sure to learn about the various kinds of finishes that can be used. Colored, acid staining, water-based overlaying engraving, polishing, and stamping are just a few of the methods that you can make use of.

Decorative Concrete Floors

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Stamped Concrete:

For homeowners who prefer an organic look and would prefer brick or stone layouts stamped, concretes are recommended. Stamped concretes will involve pressing molds to concrete prior to it forming. The colors are then applied after the concrete is hardened. This creates a colorful and creative blend of colors and patterns. This method is inexpensive and sturdy, making it an ideal option for many homeowners.

Concrete Dyes:

Concrete dyes are ideal for indoor spaces such as countertops, floors, walls, and bridges since UV rays can enhance the color of concrete. Chemically reactive, non-reactive, as well as opaque staining are the kinds of dyes that are used. Chemically reactive dyes are poured on concretes following dried or hardened. The colors are produced by chemical reactions. Non-reactive dyes on the contrary are made using dyes that are combined with water solvent. Non-reactive dyes are eco-friendly but may not be suitable for outdoor usage.