Using Various Window Blinds for Your Protection

Blinds are sheets used on windows to add shade and privacy to your space and are usually placed inside the window. The great point about using these blinds is that you can control the amount of daylight entering by simply adjusting the curtains.

There are different types of blinds:

  • Roller Blinds: 

These roller blinds have a series of flat horizontal slats which are connected by ropes to allow them to rotate. This allows light to pass between the blades. 

By pulling on a piece of string or twisting the connector attached to the rope, twisting can be achieved by using different ropes to raise and lower the curtain.

  • Solid Venetian Blinds: 

These Solid Venetian blinds are often called Venetian blinds and these blinds are non-rotating. But they can be rolled up or folded to let light in. These curtains include:

1. Dutch Blinds: 

These blinds are also known as roller blinds because they have a removable curtain.

2. Pleated Awnings: 

These curtains consist of pleated fabric panels that can be pulled over the window.

When installing your blinds, you must ensure that the blinds are free so that they can hang freely when fully opened.  You need to measure the width and length correctly before cutting the curtains. You can also add blinds to the bathroom window. Choose a pleated or cellulose roller blind with a privacy screen to prevent outsiders from looking out your window.