Purchase the Best Commercial Ice Machine For Your Operation

I sat on a red rotary bench in my favorite restaurant, drinking ice soda from the fountain. When I enjoyed it, my mind wandered from the sweet confession of sugar and carbonation to ice cubes which were perfectly formed with clang in my glass. How can someone order a drink without ice outside of me, when I took a spicy mouthful from a cold cold drink through my plastic straw. 

Chances are that ice in my glass does not come from the bag at the ease of the mart across the street. Soda fountains, restaurants, bars, hotels, and much other food and beverage service companies may have their own commercial ice machines. This is not your typical refrigerator ice maker. You may consider ice cream equipment for making ice cream for commercial purposes.

You might be wondering how you can get commercial ice makers to call your own. If you are a restaurant operator itself, you might know that there are a number of things to consider before you decide to buy:

New or used? No matter who you are, it's always better to buy a new one. Apart from the increase in the capital needed to do so, buying a new machine usually ensures a warranty, a trustworthy manufacturer, and the knowledge that you get a clean and functional unit. There is no confidence in old and used machines.

Air-cooled or water-cooled? The environmental lovers among us will always push the air-cooled commercial ice machine, which helps cool the condenser with the air around. There is even a long-range condenser, which is always cooled air, which takes the roof. Water-cooled machines are not only more expensive but they can finally throw hundreds of gallons of water to drain during ice production.