How Does A Hacker Steal Your Identity?

The sudden economic downturn hasn't stopped identity thieves from doing their best. Information about identity theft is spread across the internet and traditional media, warning people of the dangers of fraud, but victims keep popping up. The reason behind this sustainable movement is adaptation and technology. As a result, the constant battle against identity theft is occurring every moment of every day. if you dutch identity card also steal then you order now the new dutch identity card online.

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Methods used by ID thieves

Here are some known methods hackers use to steal your identity:

Social Media

Various social media accounts were hacked and sold online. This allows identity thieves and their "clients" to obtain valuable personal information. In this case, the hackers are teenagers looking to make some side money. They are often redirected to one-word accounts. You do it step by step, starting with your full name and date of birth. Then they go to the construction site and find out what you do, where you live and what school you attended. 

 Fat remover

This procedure involves using a scanner inside the machine itself. It scans the magnetic stripe of your credit card as it slides, and then the wireless camera takes a picture of the keyboard as you enter your PIN. The hacker has a machine key so he can collect data and play new cards to turn your data into money. Degreasing can be done at gas stations, restaurants and pharmacies, among others