Know Different Parts of Electronic Vape Pens In Langley

Vape pens are also known as E-hookah pens, e-cigarette pens, or hookah sticks. E-hookah pens are slick, portable, battery-operated devices that deliver flavorful vapor without tobacco which is the major cause of most lung cancers.

Let's take a look at how a pen and to get to know the different parts of e-cigarettes:

Batteries for electronic cigarettes

The electronic hookah pen consists of a battery, nebulizer, and fragrance. The battery is the driving force behind the electronic water pipe. It is stored in the electronic hookah body. The battery powers the nebulizer, which in turn heats up the electronic juice held in the cartridge and provides hundreds or thousands of suction from various vaporizers.

There are many companies that provide high-quality vape pens & cartridges from various online sources.


The atomizer is another important element of e-cigarettes. The atomizer is a heating element that heats the electronic liquid and creates the perfect balance of taste and aroma. In other words, the atomizer converts the aroma of e-liquid or e-juice into aromatic vapor which the user inhales.

Fuel cartridge

It is a fuel cartridge that preserves the aroma of electronic vapors or juices. The fuel cartridge holds about 1.2 ml of e-liquid. The user can fill the fuel cartridge with the electronic juice of their choice and attach it to the atomizer. The fuel cartridge makes refueling much easier for vapers.


Clearomizer has an advantage over cartomizer because it is transparent. So you can see how much e-juice is left in your tank and refill as needed.

Clearomizers are available in various tank sizes. While some can hold about 1.5ml of e-juice, others have the capacity to hold about 3ml or more of vape flavor.