The Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is a type of fermented tea, originating out of green tea after it's mixed, kneaded, fermented, dried, and processed. Differences aren't merely skin-deep. What's more significant is that black tea doesn't experience the procedures of brewed green or skillet green, but is fermented. From the fermentation process, EGCG which is a strong anti-oxidant is transformed into other substances. Some investigators assumed black tea advantages are significantly less than green tea. Is it accurate?

1. No evidence can establish this. Black tea provides various health benefits too. A study shows that black tea has the advantage of preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, cavities, viruses, and arthritis. Additionally, it promotes the immune system. You can buy fresh black tea at

Black tea

2. Black tea includes a chemical known as theaflavin-3-monogallate (TF-2). It's one of the anti-cancer chemicals family known as polyphenols. 

3. A study also discovered that black tea may strengthen the capacity of endothelial cells lining blood vessels. It helps regulate the circulation of blood.

4. Black tea includes fluorine elements. It adheres to the teeth to shield acid.

5. Research results demonstrated black tea can neutralize germs, which cause pneumonia, herpes, cystitis, and skin diseases.

Therefore, black tea may also be helpful for removing viruses out from our mouths.