What you need to know about Bedbugs?

A lot of people are troubled by bugs in their homes. The most damaging of them could be bedbugs. Although there is no official term however they are named this since that's the place they prefer to build their home. Fooding on the animals and humans within a family can be quite disruptive to families.

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Why bed bugs have made a horrifying comeback - Vox

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Bed bugs were basically eliminated in the 1940s however they are getting back into the spotlight since the mid-'90s. They're persistent, little creatures. It was only a matter of time until they re-emerged into our daily lives. It is mostly because different species develop resistance to the use of pesticides. This includes DDT and other well-known killers.

Bed Bugs appear to be small oval-shaped bugs that vary from 2-7mm. They are frequently misinterpreted as ticks or tiny insects like cockroaches. Both are far more serious problems. In reality, bedbugs are also known to cause Cimicosis. 

Cimicosis is a skin condition that causes small bumps or welts to appear on the skin. These bumps could be more serious and usually itchier than mosquito bites. They can last longer too. Some bites are not visible however they can result in a lot of itchy skin.

There are about 100 species of the bedbug that we are familiar with. The term used to describe bedbugs scientifically is Cimicidae. The majority of bed bugs live in tropical or temperate climates.

If you are in a cold and harsh climate, it's probably possible that you don't need to be concerned about bed bugs. There are a few species of bedbugs that do not prefer humans. They exclusively feed on animals and are able to live in fur.