How Can You Clean Your Automatic Pool Cover

Maintaining a clean fabric surface of your pool cover is just as important as regular maintenance and service. Rinsing and washing the cover fabric at least once a year helps keep the cover looking its best, and can even help extend its overall life span. 

Automatic pool cover fabric will begin to show some signs of wear as a result of being exposed to environmental elements over time. On average, an automatic pool covers fabric will last 7 years depending on the pool water and chemical buildup, sunlight exposure, and other environmental elements. You can also buy the best pool covers from

Cleaning your Pool Cover

Remove Large Debris from the Cover Regularly

The great thing about automatic pool covers is that they help prevent leaves, debris, and more from getting into your pool. However, because of this, you will need to regularly remove large debris from the top of the cover.

Dry leaves can be removed using a leaf blower or a leaf rake. Wet leaves should either be left to dry first or raked and scooped off of the cover and into a receptacle. If you need to walk on the cover to reach all debris, we recommend wearing lightweight shoes to avoid potentially scuffing the fabric.

Rinse the Cover with Water

Now that all the large debris is removed from the cover you’re ready to rinse it off. With a garden hose, start from the cover box end and begin spraying the debris toward the opposite end of the cover. 

Place the cover pump in the center of the cover to help remove excess water. You never want to leave large puddles of water on top of the cover for long, as it can put a strain on the motor, reels, and ropes. 


Important Advantages Of Pool Enclosures

A pool enclosure is a construction that preserves and encloses your pool! These include bright rooms, screen porches, and all kinds of screens you may have seen before. 

You usually see these enclosures in backyards to cover pools or screened rooms. You can also buy the best retractable swimming pool enclosures in NZ through various online sources.

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Here are some of the major benefits of adding a pool enclosure to your pool property:

Pool enclosure Provides shade and protection

An enclosed pool protects against insects and other pests outside the pool area, so you can continue to have a relaxing backyard. Pool enclosures are also a great way to add more shade and minimize the sun’s heat.

So the combination of fault, climate, and the sun are all that motivate many homeowners to invest in a pool enclosure.

Pool enclosure makes pool cleaning easy

Nobody likes a dirty pool, right? The best way to keep your pool clean is to keep dirt and insects away! Pool enclosure protects your pool from leaves, buds, mowed grass, mulch, or anything else outside. Your pool cleaning system will also thank you when there’s less dirt and grime to worry about!

Nice looking design

You have many pool screen enclosure design options. You can fully customize your pool enclosure so you have control over what goes where and what gets done. You are the owner of the apartment. You know your pool and you know your family. You know what you need and what will look best. So get productive! You can work with your screening firm so they know exactly what to expect out of your pool enclosure.