Things You Need To Know About Physical Therapists In Edmonton

Physical therapists may use vestibular therapy to treat vertigo or other vestibular symptoms. To ensure that there are not severe underlying causes, a physical therapist will first diagnose vertigo. A physical exam and medical history are usually used to diagnose vertigo.

Next, physical vestibular therapy in Edmonton will create a rehabilitation program based on hearing and sensory tests. You can take the consultancy from top-rated physiotherapists in Edmonton via

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The therapist will then be able to determine if your vertigo is caused by a problem in the central nervous system, peripheral vertigo or any other type of affectation.

There are many types of vestibular therapy, depending on the type and severity of vertigo. These include but are not limited to:

Balance training is a type of vestibular therapy designed to increase stability. Although it does not reduce vertigo symptoms, balance training can help patients manage their symptoms by improving their body’s response to dizziness. Seniors can prevent falls by using balance training.

Gaze stabilization is a method to treat vertigo. It trains the brain’s ability to interpret vestibular information better. To promote vestibular health, and to improve stability, therapists will assign specific head- and eye movements.

This treatment is for patients suffering from vertigo due to benign paroxysmal positioningal vertigo. BPPV causes microscopic inner ears crystals to become dislocated, which can lead to vertigo symptoms. Patients will be given at-home exercises by the therapist that, if done correctly and consistently, can help with vertigo relief or elimination.