Possum Control: Background And Methods

Possums are common household pests and most homeowners have experience with them. About the size of a domestic cat, this creature has gray, leathery fur, a hairless tail and ears, and a moderately pointed face with a distinctive muzzle. Opossums are marsupials and can hang their tail down to attach themselves to branches and weigh about 7 kg. They have feet that look like five-toed hands on each paw. 

Possum is a great climber and has a diverse natural habitat. Possums have lost most of their natural fear of people and are even known to enter homes through pet doors. Homeowners need to find ways to prevent or get rid of possums in Sydney as they damage ornamental plants and food gardens. Possums carry various dangerous and deadly diseases and are also commonly infested with fleas, mites, and ticks. 

Effective Ways to Keep Possums Away from Your Home

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What is the Possum Control Method?

Motion detector spotlights should be around your home and garden. Opossums do not like to be covered in bright light and avoid areas where there is such lighting. Sensor lights can also be installed outside of your home.

Opossum Trap:

Trapping opossums in live traps is a simple and humane method for effective opossum control. Pestrol offers live traps suitable for catching opossums. Traps can be placed in clear paths in the garden or near well-known holes. The best bait for live traps is overripe bananas, grapes, and melons and these are more attractive to possums. 

There is also a possum away electronic device that makes irresistible ultrasonic and stroboscope tones with sound waves between 15kHz and 25kHz. The sound cannot be heard by humans, so it does not disturb the owner of the house or his neighbors. The device is completely weatherproof and eco-friendly with a range of up to 10 meters.