Learn How to Clean a Wicker Basket

Do you have some baskets of wicker in your house? It is often essential to wash your wicker baskets, keeping them fresh and clean. Wicker is usually made from Rattan, which is a strong timber vine that thrives within tropical rainforests. 

The intricate weave of wicker is often a source of dust, making it appear rather dull and dirty. It also stained or painted surfaces. Many companies also provide amazing storage baskets according to your needs. You can also shop decorative large storage country-style baskets online.

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To keep your wicker from being damaged while cleaning it, it's essential to study this article attentively.

The first thing you'll need to do is to gather all the wicker baskets that you use to store household items. If they are equipped with washable liners, they are able to be removed from the baskets and placed in a normal washer and dryer for cleaning.

The next step is to put the baskets in a secure area to clean them using a garden hose like a garden or a big shower inside an apartment. Clean up by gently washing the baskets made of wicker using a hose to get rid of the dust, and dirt that could have collected on them while placing your items in them. 

Avoid using an extremely high-pressure hose or spray nozzle since it could damage the paint and could even damage the structure of the basket. Certain pressures are fine and if the spray feels at ease in your hands It is likely to be suitable for the basket you have.

After that, wash the soap out and allow the storage basket for the wicker to dry for a couple of hours. Because it's absorbent, the material could take up to a few hours to completely dry.