How to Set Up Your SMSF Fund

If you have the funds to start your nest egg, you can be in a good position. You should also be aware that you will be charged yearly fees to manage your account. These fees can range from $1000 up to $2000 each year.

You are fully responsible for making all investment decisions when you set up a self-managed superannuation fund. Your retirement fund must be managed by someone who has the skills, time, and desire to do so. You can go through our website to know more about us and the services we are providing. 

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However, if you want more control over your investments or the strategy for running your retirement fund, you might consider starting your own SMSF. You'll also be able to invest in assets you might not otherwise be able to. These investments will be available for retirement, so they are not accessible until then.

These are the four steps required to create your own superannuation fund.

* Set up the trust – To open your SMSF, you will need to create a trust deed. This document will detail all details about the account such as who the trustees are, the members, how trustees can be appointed, their duties and powers, and the contributions and benefits of such payments. You will be the trustee and must follow the instructions in the trust document. 

* Create a strategy to invest – This strategy must take into account the allocation of funds, diversification, and cash flow as well as liquidity, account risk, returns, and cash flow.

* Open a bank account for the SMSF money.