How To Hunt With A Dull Knife

First and foremost, you'll want to make sure that the set includes the right knives. A good set should include a small blade and a large blade. You'll also want a serrated knife, as it's especially useful for hunting games. 

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Here are five tips on how to hunt with a dull knife: 

1. Use your instincts:

If the animal is close enough, you can use your sharp knife to kill it quickly. If it's farther away or if the animal is too large to take down with your blade, go for a blunt weapon instead. 

2. Make use of your surroundings: 

If you find yourself surrounded by bushes or trees, use them as cover to conceal your movement and sneak up on your prey. You can also try stabbing the ground with your dull blade in order to make noise and spook the animal into flight. 

Tips for Hunting with a Knife:

1- Always keep your knife sharp: 

A sharp blade will make the job of hunting much easier. If your blade isn't sharp, it will be much more difficult to cut through game or skin. 

2- Make sure your grip is strong: 

When you hold your knife, make sure that your fingers are gripping the handle tightly. This will help you control the blade and make accurate cuts. 

3- Practice makes perfect:

Before you go Hunting, practice cutting small pieces of meat or vegetables so that you get used to using your knife in an actual hunting situation. This will help ensure that you make accurate cuts.