Different Types of Concrete Dock Construction

Dock construction is the process of constructing a dock, which is an artificial land-locked structure built to allow ships and boats to enter or depart from a body of water. Dock construction can be considered synonymous with dock building." 

Concrete dock installation is the process of building a dock out of concrete. The most common type of concrete dock construction is structural, which is used to support a structure or platform. Other types of concrete dock construction include overlay, which is used to cover an existing dock or structure with new concrete, and rehabilitation, which is used to repair or replace parts of a dock that have deteriorated.

Concrete docks come in a variety of construction types, each with its own unique benefits. Here are the three main types: open-back, closed-back, and raft.

Open-back docks are the most common type, and they’re constructed by pouring a concrete slab on top of a wooden or steel frame. The frame typically holds up two or more beams that support the weight of the concrete deck. The open-back design is easy to build and allows water to flow freely underneath the dock, which is important for keeping it stable. However, open-back docks can be susceptible to wind and waves, which can cause them to collapse.

Closed-back docks are similar to open-backs but have walls that enclose the entire deck. This design is more resistant to wind and waves and can hold more weight than an open-back dock. However, closed-backs can be more difficult to build due to the need for precise alignment of the walls and beams.